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Learning should be fun for children. We believe learning about History should be fun and involve children handling and exploring artefacts that are exciting and stimulating. For these reasons we have spent the last few weeks, hidden away in our top-secret workshops, using our crack team of Teachers and Historians to put together a brand-new collection of fantastic Topic Boxes. Stuffed with everything from jousting helmets to funeral rattles and gauntlets to Tudor cures for gout. Our Topic Boxes have even been designed to include up to date lesson activities providing support for children being taught the KS2 Maths and English curriculum as well as including a unique Hands on History Timeline in every box

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We currently have 12 different time periods. Every Topic Box contains 20-30 individual artefacts, support materials for a series of curriculum focused lessons and a unique Hands on History timeline.

1. Stone Age  2. Bronze Age  3. Ancient Egyptians  4. Greeks
 5. Romans  6. Maya  7. Saxons, Vikings and Normans  8. Tudors
 9. Stuarts (Civil War/The Fire of London)  10. Victorians  11. World War One  12. World War Two

Cost of Hiring one of our Topic Boxes

£180 plus carriage + VAT for 10 school days.

£90 + VAT for any additional 10 school day hire period.

Whilst our new website is under construction you can have a more detailed look at our new Topic boxes by following this link: