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Hire Historical Props & Costumes for TV & Film

TV, Film and Equipment Hire for Period Productions

Our vast and varied stock of equipment from all historic periods can be used for hire by Film, TV and entertainment productions. And if we don’t already have what you are looking for in stock we can make anything in wood, leather, cloth or metal in our workshops

In addition to creating or sourcing the physical props and wardrobe requirements for your film, TV, theatrical or video production, you may wish to hire our experienced staff who are experts in wearing and handling our arms, armour and equipment. They can consult with your actors to produce exciting and safe action scenes.


If you’re filming a period piece and require any historic replicas or supplies make Hands on History your “go to resource”

We have worked with the BBC for a documentary about William of Cassingham from the time of King John where we supplied full arms and equipment, as well as young men from our staff for the fight scenes. Supplying specialist craftsmen to demonstrate historic skills for documentaries is another area we can assist in.

The BBC also commissioned us to supply experienced staff, uniforms, weapons and other historic props for a documentary regarding a plot to kidnap Hitler in 1941. And we also prepared the prison uniforms, handcuffs and leg chains for a documentary about life on the prison hulks in the early 19th century.


If there’s any historical equipment, clothes, props or expertise you require for your production please do not hesitate to get in touch.