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History Visits to Schools

Wouldn't teaching history be so much easier if you could just pop your pupils into a time machine and transport them back to your chosen historic period? With Hands on History you're getting the next best thing, we bring history to life in the middle of your classroom. There's no better way to learn.

With years of experience running exciting and educational workshops in schools with both primary and secondary students in key stage 1, 2 and 3, we can help encourage enthusiasm and aid in the learning of any time period from The Stone Age to World War 2.

We work with schools across Sussex, Surrey, Kent and further afield if requested.

We are right up to date with the 2014 curriculum.


See it

You could watch longbow demonstrations, see how to start fire the ancient way and witness a siege machine in action. All your children could make world war one identification dog tags by embossing leather discs.

Feel it

Your students can feel the weight and strength of replica weapons, fire mini crossbows and take part in shield wall practice. They can wear the animal skins our ancestors used for clothing and try on armour specifically designed to fit children their age.

Live it

Find out how to live off the land the ancient way. Everyone can try out historic cookery skills and feel lucky about how they live today!

Learn it

We keep pupils engaged throughout and all workshops are concluded with a fun quiz to ensure pupils are taking on board the key elements to understanding your chosen time period.


Here's a link to an example of a programme for a Stone Age school visit.


Our History Workshops 

  • Are fun, friendly and informative
  • Can be tailored to your specific requirements
  • Are fully interactive and hands on
  • Reinforce learning and bring history to life
  • Save you money, time and hassle by coming to you

We will send you a contract, risk assessment and proof of public liability insurance to keep your paperwork to a minimum.


History Resources Box

So that your class can make the most of our visit we provide a complimentary History Resources Box* one month before our visit. (Or you can choose to have it for one month after our workshop.) Filled with interesting items from your chosen time period, teachers have found these resource boxes brilliant for helping with their programmes of work and lesson plans.

*We regret we can only provide History Resources Boxes to schools within a 10 mile radius of our location at this time (Horam, East Sussex). Shoreham Village School loved our history visit about Tudor Warfare, here's what they said on their blog about their Hands On History workshop.


Contact us today and find out how we can bring history to life for classes across Key Stage 1, 2 and 3. We cover a whole range of historic periods from the Stone Age to WWII.

We are based in Horam, near Eastbourne in East Sussex and typically work with schools across Sussex, Surrey and Kent.