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Corporate Events and Team Building with a Historical Twist...

Historical Based Activities for Corporate Entertainment

Everyone loves a good team building day and nothing brings everyone together like a blast into the past. Pick your desired historic period and send your team back in time to see how they handle making fire the ancient way and firing replica crossbows.

Hands on History can supply you with either structured team building days or corporate entertainment such as after dinner speeches or family fun-days. We are also able to offer the services of Team Dynamics International, a team building specialist company to help you put together an effective historical team building day that aligns with your company’s objectives.

Team Building

Let us put together a package for your company to provide a novel, historical based team building day. We can base these days around any of our time periods and will use our equipment to teach your team skills such as shooting a longbow or trebuchet, firelighting and foraging, and the skills of fighting as a team in a shield wall. 

After Dinner Speeches

Our scripted presentations, where we dress and equip one or more of your guests as warriors from the period of your choice, have proved very popular. As an added bonus we bring with us a range of swords, shields, helmets and other equipment so that all your guests who wish to can dress for war and have a picture to take home.

Corporate Family Fun Days

Recently we have been receiving enquiries from companies interested in giving their staff and customers the chance to bring their families along to a day of history-based activities. We now offer a full day of historic entertainment including traditional meals and can liaise with a number of historic castles and venues with regards to hosting such days.

Click here to view an example of a Team Building day.


If any of these events appeal to you, please contact us with your ideas and we will be happy to chat it through.